Doing Our Part For Covid-19

MF Team

We will be donating masks to the needy, elderly, and front line staffs, who come in contact with large volumes of people daily. Aside from our own donations of supplies, a buy one give one campaign for masks will be tagged along. Our purpose with this campaign is to reduce price gouging and hoarding, we do not wish to profit from the sale of these masks. Funds raised will be channeled back to donate more supplies. Our buy one give one campaign ensures that the masks we put up for sale are not purchased and then resold at a higher price.

With every box of mask purchased, the same quantity will be donated. We are reaching out for your help as there will only be a limited impact if we do this by ourselves. The core of this campaign will be to give more people access to basic protection, spread vital information about covid-19, donate supplies to those in need and make sure that every household has enough to protect themselves and others in the community. Supplies will be given direct to source or via community services like the

Spread the word on your socials:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain physical distance of at least 1 meter
  • Mask up to protect others from you

The corona virus may spread even when you show no symptoms, when we cover up our faces, it lowers the chances of us transmitting these viruses. This in turn reduces the number of infections and eases off the burden on our healthcare workers.

Donate a mask today:


We do not profit from this. Prices charged are inclusive of:

Production costs charged to us by the factory.

Logistics and customs clearance.

Payment gateway costs.

Delivery fees involved to get your products to you.


If your organisation requires any PPE supplies, surgical, reusable masks, medical wear e.t.c reach out here. We will only produce if you're the direct buyer, any purchase through a third party, has to be verified. This will ensure that we dedicate our resources to the people who needs it the most.