How Eco-Friendly Brand Merchandise Can Boost Your Brand Image: 3 Reasons To Give Out Shopping Bags With Your Logo

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Can't Live Without Plastic Bags?

It seems we can't do without plastic bags in our little island state. Singapore's hot and humid climate coupled with metropolitan living makes it simply unfeasible to dispose waste hygienically without plastic bags.

Besides that however, we have a whole host of purposes that we assign plastic bags a one-time-use to, after which we simply throw them away. And we do have other options in these cases.

When Plastic Bags Fail

Most of us would have experienced that heart-wrenching moment when the items in our plastic bag, for reasons of being either too heavy or sharp, have scratched out for themselves a breathing hole. Slowly but surely, the opening widens, and we are left scrambling to find another carrier, while praying that the precariously thin bag holds up.

Or, you could have been dressed to the nines, but carrying a plastic bag. 

These are times when we could really use a carrier that is sturdy, made for multiple uses, and better looking than a cheap plastic bag. We know that reusable, recyclable, all-purpose bags are the better option. But they are also less common, less accessible, and less convenient.

Alternatives to Plastic Bags

A solution would be to make reusable shopping bags more; more present, more seen, more used.

And you can reduce your carbon footprint while getting your brand out there by choosing recyclable bags as one of your key brand merchandise.

We have here 3 ways in which giving out eco-friendly bags with your logo on them can help boost your company's image, strengthen brand awareness, and improve your business -- all while you do your part for our environment: 


Unlike many other use- and event-specific merch that are used once or twice before being discarded, people will actually keep these bags in accessible locations, and use them. Regularly.

Not many feel comfortable throwing away an item that was made to reduce waste, and most are aware of how handy these bags can be in all kinds of situations.


Because of how versatile and multifunctional reusable bags are, people tend to carry them to a huge variety of events, meet-ups, and places.

With your logo, colours, or catchphrase on these bags, your brand will receive exposure, and possible recognition, to more people that you could ever imagine or try to target on your own. 

Not only will awareness of your brand soar, your sales will definitely pick up as more and more consumers have your company come to mind when they need your services.

Just by being a familiar brand that is associated with positive qualities, you can also be seen as a trusted service provider.


It shows the world where you're at.

Are you community-minded or self-seeking? Where do you stand on the issue of global warming? Are you just another part of the corporate industry, or do you have the entrepreneurial capacity to make a positive difference?

These bags not only make a statement of your vision, priorities, and position in society, they also fulfil your bit of corporate responsibility. Give back to society by encouraging recipients to make this small lifestyle change that could make the world a better place.

Simply by making it more convenient for people to gain access to a reusable bag, you could differentiate your brand in a positive way that potentially grows you a bigger following.

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