The Best T-Shirts For Printing

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When choosing a shirt, be the first to ask yourself these questions

  • What are these t-shirts for
  • What is my budget

Shirts are rated by:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Softness
  • Quality
  • Fit

What are these t-shirts for?

Will you be using the t-shirts as your company uniform? Is this for a specific event which will be a one-off use? Are these shirts meant to be merchandise to be sold at your bar/festival?

What is my budget?

Always know what your budget is? Are you looking for a shirt that is <$10, <$15 or <$20? Once you have answered the above questions we can go ahead and start picking your items:

One-off Events & Tight Budgets

Defined as apparels that do not need to be worn less than three months. The Gildan Softyle and OS CT51 are great for the very budget conscious. These shirts are great good for about 20+ washes and generally shrinks about 3~5%. OS CT51:

  • Durability = 2.5
  • Comfort = 3.5
  • Softness = 3
  • Quality = 2.5
  • Fit = Standard

The cheapest of the lot. They are good for about 10+ washes, offers a wide range of colours and are perfect for one-off use tshirts.

Gildan Softstyle:

  • Durability = 3
  • Comfort = 3.5
  • Softness = 3
  • Quality = 3
  • Fit = Standard

The for the tight budget individual. These shirts can last much longer than the CT51 due to its construction. It will still suffer from warping and shrinkage over longer term use.

Team Shirts & Event Merchandise For Sale

Defined as apparels that will be worn between 3~6 months. The Gildan Premium Cotton 76000 is the best middle ground amongst all the other t-shirts. Standard shrinkage of 3~5%.

Gildan Premium Cotton:

  • Durability = 3.5
  • Comfort = 3.5
  • Softness = 3.5
  • Quality = 4

Gildan Premium Cotton T-shirts are economical and are very versatile. It’s the perfect option to choose 75% of the time and will generally be good enough for most use case scenarios. The biggest downside about this shirt is that the cotton stiffens up over time.

Gildan Ultra Cotton:

  • Durability = 4.5
  • Comfort = 3.5
  • Softness = 3.5
  • Quality = 4

Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirts are heavy duty t-shirts meant to be tortured and mistreated. The only downside to this shirt as they are heavy duty pieces is the softness. It definitely is the least soft of the lot.

Statement Pieces Apparel

These apparels are very comfortable and can be worn every other day. Not only do they look good, they also come with better fits.

Anvil Lightweight Tee 980:

  • Durability = 4
  • Comfort = 4.5
  • Softness = 4.5
  • Quality = 4

Anvil Lightweight Tees features amazing heather colours, are really soft and comfortable and comes with "tear away" labels. They are easy to be removed and can be re-merchandised to your needs.

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