ASSURE Underpads 75cm


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ASSURE Underpads with 60g Fluff Filler (75cm x 75 cm)

• Highly absorbent underpads in Singapore
• 100% latex-free
• Ultra dry top layer
• Protect your beds, mattresses & furniture
• Reduce linen laundry
• Disposable underpads for beds with waterproof blue backsheet

ASSURE underpads are disposable absorbent pads designed to protect your bed, car seats, and furniture from the urine waste damage.

With the 3D diamond emboss and highly absorbent core features, ASSURE underpads absorb the moisture instantly, keeping the skin dry at all times.

The waterproof blue backsheet element also prevent the soiling of the bed's linens and other surfaces, reducing your laundry load.

A truly cherished item for both caregiver and patient.

Size: 75cm x 75cm

Quantity: 10 packets/carton

Best for: Patients with bedwetting or incontinence, or are bedridden (at home, hospitals, nursing homes, travel etc)



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