ASSURE Yellow Isolation Gown


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ASSURE Yellow Isolation Gown

*Protect user from the spread of infectious agent & bodily fluid splatter *Non-woven polypropylene material *Disposable *Lightweight & latex-free *Breathable & fluid-resistant *With knitted cuff & tie closure *HSA registered *Colour: Yellow *Gown length: Appx 115cm *Sweep length: Appx 137cm *Sleeve length: Appx 57cm *Weight: 38gsm *Singapore brand


A type of personal protective equipment, ASSURE Isolation Gown is designed to offer a barrier between the healthcare professionals or caregivers and any potentially infectious materials.

These include blood, bodily fluid, microorganisms, or infectious agents.

The gown is usually worn during procedures or events that will expose the user to these materials. For example, during surgery or when caring for patients with infectious diseases.

ASSURE Isolation gown is made of non-woven fabric material, making it lightweight and breathable.

Aside from ensuring comfort fit, the tie closure of the gown ensures the protective equipment stays in place even when the wearer is moving around during medical procedures.

The knitted cuff of the gown provides an additional protection layer to the wearer.

It offers a snug fit on the wrist and keeps the sleeves in place, reducing the risk of accidental exposure to bodily fluid.

Besides, the isolation gown is also fluid-resistant, allowing it to repel any fluid or other infectious material away from the user.

Useful in both medical and non-medical environments, these disposable coats help to maintain the stringent hygiene standards needed in crucial situations.



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