Custom Medical Grade Fabric Face Mask


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Custom Medical Grade Face Mask comes with water repellent features. Mask exterior fabric is treated, sanitised, Teflon coated and treated with nanosilver. The fabric has been tested under ISO 18184:2019 and effective at reducing up to 99.74% of Feline Coronavirus - Strain Munich.

It is designed to prevent water molecules from penetrating the mask when you sneeze or cough. The mask exterior is reinforced with medical grade fabric.

The mask is reusable and washable. Washing daily after use is encouraged.

This product is intended as a precautionary aid. All masks will not prevent you from contracting any virus but it will significantly reduce the possibility of transmitting it to someone else.

  • Medical grade fabric on mask exterior
  • Exterior is Teflon coated and treated with nanosilver
  • 65% polyester, 35% rayon
  • One size

Care instructions: Wash with lukewarm water after use, air dry in the sun. Please wash daily after use.


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Nice fabric


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Awesome, thank you.