Uniform Laundry Services: A Comprehensive Guide

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Uniform Laundry Services Introduction:

Types of Uniform Laundry Services

Uniform laundry services are common across various industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Public Services and Retail industries as uniforms are required to be well-maintained, in top condition and hygienically clean.

These services mainly specialize for various industries:

Specifically, healthcare laundry requires stricter care and maintaining impeccable cleanliness is essential. Healthcare facilities, ranging from bustling hospitals to specialized clinics and dental offices, rely on immaculate and well-maintained uniforms, linens, and textiles to uphold patient safety and staff hygiene, while adhering to the guidelines set by the health authorities. 

General rule of thumb: Healthcare laundry encompasses a diverse range of items, each with its distinct needs. Given the exposure to contaminants, it's crucial to wash medical scrubs and all different types of linens separately. Linens should also be sorted for washing by laundry staff wearing gloves and aprons with a workflow which includes physical separation from clean and dirty linens. 

This article serves as a comprehensive laundry guide to caring for your medical scrubs, lab coats, patient gowns, linens and uniforms. If you're looking for professional laundry services in Singapore to launder your linens, contact us or view our catalogue here.

Types of Industries whom requires Uniform Laundry Services

Industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Public Services, and Retail are usually the bigger players that should rely on the expertise of professional laundry services. It is important in these fields as it is imperative to keep uniforms impeccably maintained, in pristine condition, and meticulously sanitized.

Laundry for Healthcare Industries: 

Due to the unique challenges and requirements of the healthcare environment, having clean and sanitized laundry is pivotal in safety and infection prevention. Linens should be washed according to minimum requirements as outlined in medical guidelines. Selecting appropriate detergents and adhering to fabric-specific care guidelines are also equally important.

Laundry for Cleanroom:

Cleanroom laundry prioritises cleanliness and contamination control and often serves controlled environments such as semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. 

To maintain the highest level of hygiene and disinfection, garments are washed with specialized detergents. The process often includes multiple rinse cycles to ensure complete removal of contaminants. The primary focus is to prevent particulate and microbial contamination.

Laundry for Hospitality Industries: 

Laundry services for the hospitality sector includes washing, cleaning, ironing and folding of uniforms, aprons, napkins, linens such as bedsheets, pillow cases, towels, bathrobes.

It is vital for hotels and restaurants to ensure that they invest in a reputable laundry service to maintain their reputation, attract repeat business, and ensure guest satisfaction being its topmost priority.

While most hotels choose to manage their laundry in-house, outsourcing laundry services to a reputable vendor can also be an option to better manage resources, time and money. 

By outsourcing, this allows businesses to focus on their core operations, save cost over the heavy investments of high-technology washing and drying equipment, and vacant up space for possible revenue-generating facilities for hotel guests.

Laundry for Industrial and Public Service Uniforms:

Industrial and public service uniforms ranges from coveralls, safety jackets, technician work shirts, cargo pants and other specialised uniforms. 

Similarly to other industries, these uniforms are often required to endure heavy use and could possibly be exposed to contaminants. Professional laundry services to remove stains and adhering to stringent hygiene standards is essential.

Types of Products that requires Laundry Services

1. Laundry services for Medical Scrubs:

Wash Type: To prevent damage and shrinkage of scrubs made of polyester, it is strongly recommended to wash at a lower temperature. However, if you need to use higher temperatures, avoid ironing to preserve the fabric's integrity. Use a low setting to dry and avoid fabric softeners for optimal results. However, there are materials like Polyester-Viscose that are suitable for higher temperature washes. 

Our most popular range of Medical Scrubs (Professional Range & Premium Range) in Polyester, Spandex and Rayon are made of stretchable activewear and a higher content of Polyester, hence it is recommended for a cold wash and saves you the time to iron your scrubs. While our Basic Essentials Range, made up of Polyester-Viscose is more suited for higher temperatures and mostly recommended for hospitals’ use. 

2. Laundry services for Lab Coats:

Wash Type: Lab coats necessitate a gentle wash to preserve their fabric. We recommend a low temperature wash. Tending to stains in a timely manner and meticulously following care labels will help maintain the coat's quality.

3. Laundry services for Patient Gowns:

Wash Type: Patient gowns, varying in material, generally require a gentle washing process to prevent damage. Selecting appropriate detergents and meticulously adhering to fabric-specific care guidelines is critical.

4. Laundry services for Linens:

Wash Type: Bed linens, blankets, and towels may call for different wash types depending on the fabric and usage. Choose detergents with care and adhere strictly to care labels to preserve fabric quality.

Organisations whom requires Laundry Services

Whether you are a small or large organisation, hospital or a clinic, restaurant, or a plantation, you should outsource your laundry services for the various reasons: 

  1. Saves your time and allows you to focus on core operations
  2. Allow professionals to handle your dirty linens to reduce cross-contamination
  3. Special care treatment and retains top quality linens
  4. Convenient and Quick-turnaround ensuring you have sufficient uniforms replaced
  5. Inventory management allows your linens to be professionally managed and tracked with RFID

The Importance of Laundry Services in the Healthcare & Laboratory Environment

Uniforms in healthcare and lab environments are often exposed to blood, bodily fluids, and infectious agents, increasing the risk of spreading diseases.

By engaging professional laundry providers, stricter regulations governing the handling of the laundry from sorting to washing, drying and delivery of the laundry will be put in place. This will  reduce cross-contamination and ensure the safety of the patients and personnels. 

Healthcare Laundry Services VS Other Types of Industries' Laundry

Due to the unique challenges and requirements of the healthcare environment, having clean and sanitized laundry is pivotal in safety and infection prevention. It is significantly different from other industries’ laundry:

  • Contamination Concerns: Laundry items can be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, or other potentially infectious materials. There is also a higher risk of transmitting diseases and infections. While other industries are also prone to dirt and stains, the level of potential infectious contamination is generally lower

  • Sanitization and Disinfection: Higher standards are required for the healthcare environment and linens are required to be separated into different colour-coded bags to differentiate them. Linens are also required to be washed at higher temperatures with specific disinfectants

  • Regulations and Standards: There are stricter regulations governing the handling of the laundry from sorting/handling the laundry, washing/drying and storage/transportation of the laundry to prevent cross-contamination and ensuring the safety of the patients and personnels. Other industries on the other hand, can be less stringent and focuses overall on the cleanliness and appearance

  • Safety and Quality Checks: Regular checks for linen integrity is essential to prevent risk in a medical setting

  • Special Care: Healthcare laundry consists of lab coats, patient gowns, scrubs, which requires special care compared to uniforms, towels and linens

  • Allergen Concerns: Laundry detergents and processes requires to consider potential allergen risks as it might lead to an allergic reaction in patients. The direct health complications are lesser for other industries

While all types of industries aim for cleanliness, the healthcare industry is required to add layers of complexity due to the potential health risks involved.

Stages of the Laundry Process

  • Sorting of dirty linens

Due to contamination concerns, laundry items will be required to be sorted and separated by colour-coding the different bags of items. This is due to the nature of the industry where linens can be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, or other potentially infectious materials which can lead to transmitting diseases and infections. Other reasons to sort are usually between light coloured and dark coloured items, or items that require different types of washing techniques.

  • Pick up and transport

Your laundry partner will arrange collection and transport the different bags of laundry to their facilities. Most often, your laundry partner will arrange to pick up the bag of soiled laundry and deliver a clean bag of clean laundry at the same time as this will ensure that you have sufficient uniforms and towels on hand for your business to run.

  • Pre-treatment of soiled linens

Soiled linens will be handled with high water temperature to disinfect before proceeding with washing. Stained linens will be treated with a stain removal technique.

  • Multi-Step Washing

The actual washing process begins. The choice of detergent, water temperature, and washing cycle is determined by the fabric type and the nature of the stains or soiling.

  • Drying

After washing, uniforms are dried, either through tumble drying or air drying, depending on the fabric's care instructions.

  • Folding and Ironing

The laundry cycle ends with the finishing and folding process. It is important and necessary to give your uniforms a professional and neat look. Mistreating the uniforms and linens can result the fabric to deteriorate faster.

  • Packing and Delivery

Your laundry partner will sort, pack and transport back to your facilities. Clean linens and uniforms should be stored safely away from soiled linens to prevent risk of contamination by dust, debris or other soiled items.

Additional services: 

  1. Inventory management & RFID tracking

An additional service that a laundry service provider can support is providing inventory management services to your business. With inventory management, your laundry service provider will pick up your soiled laundry and deliver your clean laundry, organise the stocks through locker-management which can allow your staff to easily manage and control through the automated tracking. All pick-up and drop-offs are also recorded and tracked which gives you clear visibility of what is done and how much inventory is left.

Through RFID tracking, all products are tagged and this will aid staff accountability and accurate reporting when the need arises. Moreover, whenever the inventory is low, you will be informed.

Handing inventory management to a professional partner will benefit your organization in the long run by saving you a lot of time and manpower on managing your own inventory which in return allows you to focus on core operations.

Delivery Frequencies

Generally, customizable laundry delivery schedules can vary based on several factors and individual industries’ needs. This can include:

  • Nature of business
  • Volume of laundry
  • Storage capacity for clean and dirty linens
  • Budget constraints 

Daily: Ideal for high-volume businesses with a quick turnaround, such as hotels, hospitals, or restaurants, where clean linens, uniforms, or other items are in constant demand.

3-4 times a week: Ideal for medium-sized businesses or those with less daily laundry output but still a consistent need for fresh items throughout the week.

1-2 times a week: Suitable for smaller businesses or those with lower laundry volumes, such as small clinics, boutique hotels, or small food service establishments.

Bi-Weekly or Monthly: Businesses with very low laundry demands might opt for less frequent pickups and deliveries.

On-Call or As-Needed: Some services offer flexible scheduling, allowing clients to schedule pickups and deliveries as needed rather than adhering to a fixed schedule. This can be ideal for businesses with fluctuating needs.

Special Circumstances: In cases of emergencies, additional or unscheduled pickups and deliveries might be required.

In the context of the healthcare industry, laundry services are required to be more meticulous due to the potential for contamination and the strict standards of hygiene required. Laundry services are tailored to meet the demands of medical environments, prioritizing patient safety, hygiene standards, and operational efficiency. 

The frequency of laundry delivery services in healthcare settings can be influenced by factors such as if the healthcare facility/clinic generates a high or lower volume of soiled linens and uniforms daily. This is an important factor to manage the continual need for fresh, sanitized linens, patient gowns, scrubs, and other textiles. The frequency of healthcare laundry services also ensures compliance with health and sanitation regulations. 

Integrated inventory management allows healthcare facilities to have an overview of the inventory, pick-up, drop-offs and have clear visibility when stock is low. 

Selecting the Right Laundry Service Provider:

Choosing the right laundry partner can have a significant impact on your business especially if you are dealing with a large volume of linens on a daily basis or you are part of sectors like healthcare where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. 

Here are key factors to consider when selecting a reputable and reliable laundry service provider:

Compliance with Health and Safety Standards:

Ensure they adhere to hygiene standards, regulations, and guidelines. Check for compliance with infection control standards, biohazard handling, and waste management protocols.

Experience and Reputation:

Ensure they have experience or a good track record, and a good understanding of your sector’s linens. 

Quality of Service:

Access the quality of their laundering processes. This includes cleanliness, punctuality, and the condition of returned items. Inquire about damaged or lost items policies.

Range of Services:

Check if they offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs, including pick-up and delivery, emergency services, and any specific cleaning requirements your sector might have. For healthcare, this might include hypoallergenic washing, sterilization, or isolation gown laundering.

Transparency and Communication:

Opt for companies that offer clear communication and transparent billing. They should be responsive to inquiries, emergency assistance and capable of providing detailed breakdowns of services and costs.

Emergency Response and Flexibility:

Especially important for healthcare providers, the laundry service should be able to handle increased demand during emergencies or unexpected situations.

Technology Solutions Integration:

Choose a provider that offers technology solutions, such as RFID tracking for linens, online or app-based account management, and inventory management systems. This will help your business and operations personnel save a lot of time, money and have clear visibility of stock inventory. This will also help with accurate reporting whenever required.


Evaluate their pricing structures and consider the value of the services provided relative to cost, not just the lowest price.

Contracts and Terms of Service:

Review service agreements thoroughly. Consider terms, conditions, duration, and the process for handling disputes or service issues.


Caring for your linens from disinfecting, to washing and drying to linen management is no easy feat. 

Need help? Partner with us today to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and linen care. We are dedicated to support your business with the best technology solutions and laundry management services. Contact us or view our catalogue here.

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