Most global projects require freight shipments and preparation to receive. Large orders >100kg will be handled by freight services. Here’s what you need to know before you receive freight shipments.


Freight costs are calculated for you after you submit your orders. You should inform MF regarding your Incoterms requirements.  



MF will keep you updated on your freight schedule. You will need to inform us of all required details.

  • Consignee
  • Receiving hours
  • Tax id
  • Contact person(s) 



Tracking details are provided when available. If items are shipped via courier services these will usually have in- depth tracking. However, most freight providers will only have basic tracking info like departure and docking schedules.



Customs inspection can be tricky. Please ensure that information provided to MF is accurate and if you are using a broker to clear customs, please do also inform us. 



Pallets on average are 40 by 48 inches and can be stacked up to 1.75m~1.8m high. Please ensure that you have a forklift available or it may be charged by the last mile provider. Alternatively, you may break bulk with your local courier partner, let us know in advance. Once these shipments are out, it is difficult to make any changes.


Bill of lading

A BOL will be uploaded to your order and tagged to your invoice. You may click on the invoice to view all the documentations available for your shipment. BOL acts as a receipt, please sign on it only when you have received the item(s). If there are damages, note it down on the BOL, take photos and drop us an email.