Paperwork: Purchase Orders, Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Orders


Generate quotations on the fly.

Purchase of an existing product

  1. Head to saved products.
  2. Click on the product you require.
  3. Add the quantity you require to cart.
  4. Place an order
  5. Ensure that billing and shipping details are accurate as quotations are generated based on the information given.
  6. A quote is automatically generated.
  7. If any adjustments are required to be made to the quotation, drop us an email and we will update the quote accordingly.the quote will be updated.

Purchase of a brand new custom product

  1. Use the RFQ feature found at the top of your screen.

Purchase of a new product in the catalogue

  1. Head to our catalogue.
  2. Add the product you require to cart.
  3. Place order and a quotation will be generated.

Purchase Orders

Keep all your orders matched to the right POs and never lose track of them ever again. 

Submitting a PO at checkout

  1. Add all products required to cart
  2. Enter PO number and attach your POMF Asia Wiki

Submitting an order without PO (not recommended)

  1. Should you not have a PO at checkout, enter in “NA” first.
  2. Head to your dashboard once you have your PO.
  3. Find your order, and click on Add PO MF Asia Wiki
  4. If an adjustment is made to a PO after an invoice has been issued by MF, please notify us immediately.


Invoices are generated only after an order has been approved by you and MF.

Locating your invoices

  1. Head to your dashboard.
  2. Find your order.
  3. If an invoice is available, an “invoice link” will appear under your order id.
  4. Click on “invoice” MF Asia Wiki

Delivery Orders

View and sign all DOs digitally.

Viewing Your DOs

  1. Head to your dashboard
  2. Find your order id.
  3. Click on your order id
  4. Click on “Show all DO”MF Asia Wiki

Signing Delivery Orders

  1. A DO link will be sent to you for digital signature, once it is ready
  2. After a DO is signed, the signed copy will be automatically sent to you or you may download it after signing